G.B.S. jam video

Video description says it all! Really looking forward to Thursday, should be GROSS!

G.B.S. @ Bar Open – 25/07/2019


Religious Observance Belanglo 7″ launch

w support from…

Carcinoid (doom/death metal)

GBS (gore/noise-grind)

Dowser (psych/stoner metal)

Pretty psyched to be joining G.B.S. on 2nd vocals for this gig! If ya don’t know, G.B.S. is grotesque gorenoise/noisecore consisting of Bean (Spew Balloon) on vocals, Lachie (Rawhead, Contaminated, Pregnancy etc.) on guitar, and of course Brad (Umbilical Tentacle, Internal Rot, Holy Boner etc.) on drums! Melb Grind Incest forever!

Spasmoslop recording Jan 2019

Turdsday warm-up



Get out your diaries and take heed! The first Thursday of every second month at the Last Chance is henceforth to be known as TURDSDAY: an irregular bowel movement of grind, gore and CHUD to upset your insides and make your Friday at work even worse than usual! $5 entry and doors at 7:30pm!


SPASMOSLOP: Aural explorations of the ever-darkening S-bend.
TERRIBLE MUTILATION: Wallowing sonic squalor from slop aficionados. First show.
DIRE EARS: Noise assault for desolidication of your brain matter.
NINJA GAIJIN: Breakcore dump-step electronic piles.

Coming soon: TURDSDAY #4! October 4th!

Spasmoslop : https://spasmoslop.bandcamp.com/album/spu01-black-mass-tile
Terrible Mutilation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0NjbRfQIDk
Dire Ears : https://soundcloud.com/sbbtcl/holdings-15122013-dire-ears
Ninja Gaijin : https://www.mixcloud.com/djninjagaijin/ninja-gaijin-dj-set-at-disco-multiverse-core-bass-15-april-2018/

Big cheers to Lachie for putting me on this very special and wondrously grotesque line-up!

Delayed telecast IG’s

If you have time-machine access, get on down to The Yarra Hotel 3 days ago, it was a sweet gig!