SPASMOSLOP @ Avalon 16/03/2023

Marfa Lights presents: JASSY/DARLENE triple album launch
Avalon The Bar
387 Brunswick Street Fitzroy
Thursday 16th March, 7PM
$10/$5 concession
No charge for First Nations people or those without the means to afford any entry (let door know you have been given “free entry” no questions asked)

Jassy (Robinson and Robertson, BOGMIND), and Darlene (AA Matheson, Deer Head Apparition) will be playing a collaborative set as their duo WE1 XAM, celebrating the triple launch of their albums:

WE1 XAM – Middle America

Darlene – Another Day in Paradise

Jassy – Caught a Live One

WE1 XAM is FM and analogue synth meltdowns, new age (gap) hippy shit, once described as sounding like “being in the womb and then feeling so alone… but in a good way!”

Multi-banded, multiinstrumentalist noise maker Nik Kennedy doing harsh noise sloptronics through an unseemly collection of effects pedals.

Jasmin adventures through space and sound meticulously exploring the possibilities of harmonic frequencies in different acoustic surrounds, often times with her Erhu as her vessel along with tape and other instruments.

Celiac aka Miel makes huge and righteous cybergoth jams about confronting society about its bullshit ableist deterrents and attitudes, and their disability advocacy journey, putting a spotlight on the way society invisiblises people with disabilities.

This event takes place on the stolen land of the Wurundjeri people and we pay respects to elders past and present, as well as all First Nations people to who we owe immeasurable reparations for harm done through ongoing colonisation and genocide. The venue and artists will contribute part of the takings to pay the rent.

This venue has limitations to accessibility. There are small steps at the entrance and to the beer garden exit which leads to the toilets. Parking can be difficult due to it being a busy street but there are spaces to pull up for dropping off. The number 11 tram stops at the entrance to the venue at stop 17.

The venue has gender neutral bathrooms.

You can text the organiser on 0400804316 if you are feeling unsafe at this event, or if you would like someone to talk to or introduce you to people if you are coming on your own, and you will be treated with respect and discretion.


Sun 26th Feb @ Radio Bar
Doors 3pm / $5 entry
Flyer by Nic French/V.o.B.S.

Messy blips and joyful bloops storking from Awabakal land on an endless clowning loop of misery. Peeps from Mermaids, Synchronised Periods, Body Melt & Obat Batuk.…/09-volcano-of…

+ 2360
Anthony Cooley & Rod Cooper mondo noise brain-melt

Dark dirty drones & bleak noise

Gratuitous display of chaotic noise with Cher (vocalisations/sfx), Shoshana (Trogo-harshness) & Nik (electro-oral noise)

Strange sounds from the unknowns


This event is being held on stolen land. 


I recently contributed a video for Make It Up Club’s current online gig series… and of course I forgot to mention it here in time for the stream but you can watch the whole gig, and all the previous ones, on the MIUC youtube channel now.
My home recording set-up is pretty shit and I’m not too stoked about how this turned out sound-wise but it was fun/stressful to do. Thanks MIUC for having me!
HOT TIP: UMBILICAL TENTACLE will be doing a collab with Christian Bishop A.K.A. XIAN for the last MIUC of the year streaming on the 22nd of December!

Fart Swash!

Haven’t updated here for ages… I haven’t really done any “proper” music/noise during the pandemic but I did get this amazing new noise machine from my friend and humble genius Electrofarts, which I’m calling the FART SWASH. It’s an Electrofarts interpretation of the 4MS Noise Swash and it sounds fuggin siiiiiiick!!!

VERHALTEN (USA) @ Longplay – 03/12/2019


Based in Brooklyn (NY), Verhalten is the project of rhythmic noise powerhouse Patrick Scott (who also curates US label Modern Tapes). Verhalten uses Surgical minimalism, distorted repetition and harsh walls of textural sound are used to truly dissect the failures of power structures and the human condition.

We are extremely excited to have Verhalten appearing at Longplay Cinema December 3rd.

Performing alongside them will be




A special collab set with Gnaumgn and is there a hotline?
Listen and view here

December 2nd 7pm doors first act 7:15 sharp
5/10 (noone turned away for lack of funds)

We acknowledge this show is being held on the occupied land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded.

SPASMOSLOP @ MIUC 12/11/2019