Girth (USA) offer up a rancid goregrind feast fit only for the morbid(ly obese) with their immense weight supported by Melbourne grindcore smashers Internal Rot, grinding death metal bulldozers Incinerated and hard Jardin’ goregrinders Clogged!


Internal Rot:




US hyperblasting grindcore heavyweights Sulfuric Cautery are heading down here to lay waste to our east coast and as the final date of their tour, this show is a fucking huge banger covering as much as is possible of Melbourne’s most ruthless!

Sulfuric Cautery
Faceless Burial
ESP Mayhem

Sulfuric Cautery:

BRUTAL! Hugest cheers to TERRIBLE MUTILATION for organising this crazy shit!

SULFURIC CAUTERY will also be touring east Aus with CONTAMINATED so check it out if you’re in that direction!

G.B.S. @ Bar Open – 25/07/2019


Religious Observance Belanglo 7″ launch

w support from…

Carcinoid (doom/death metal)

GBS (gore/noise-grind)

Dowser (psych/stoner metal)

Pretty psyched to be joining G.B.S. on 2nd vocals for this gig! If ya don’t know, G.B.S. is grotesque gorenoise/noisecore consisting of Bean (Spew Balloon) on vocals, Lachie (Rawhead, Contaminated, Pregnancy etc.) on guitar, and of course Brad (Umbilical Tentacle, Internal Rot, Holy Boner etc.) on drums! Melb Grind Incest forever!

SPEW BALLOON @ Bar Open 20/06/2018


Never before in the history of time has there been such an assembly of the sickest bands ever on a Wednesday night. 

Say Hello to your Wednesday Hump-Day Cure, The MID WEEK MEAT GRINDER!

Featuring the most brutal, vile and filthy acts ever to defile the stage of Bar Open, this show is guaranteed to get your juices flowing inside and out! The once in a lifetime lineup consists of MAGGOT BATH, ABU GHRAIB, SPEW BALLOON and MINDRIPPA. This is the show you’ve been dreaming about since you were just a wee tacka!

First up we have Mindrippa, a brutal sonic assault that promises to leave your cerebral cortex in absolute tatters!

Next is Spew Balloon, a crusty, filthy dirty vomit ridden Spew-Rock entity that will have you wishing you didn’t eat that hot dog for lunch! BYO sick bag!

Abu Ghraib will then execute the most ruthless, relentless and uncompromising old school black/death/thrash/grind you will ever hear. Torture Death Grind at it’s most opulent!

Maggot Bath are our final act, delivering the fatal blow to whatever remains of your shattered body and soul. Grinding, thrashing and sludging their way to aural oblivion!

This one will go down in the history books folks, something to tell the Grand kids about!

DOORS 8:30 
TIX $10

Crikey, I thought my write-ups were over-the-top! Thanks to Abu Ghraib for organising and HYPE.

SPEW BALLOON @ Bar Open 13/04/2018


Merchant – psych-drenched sludge
Dead Root – regressive grind/sludge
SPAWN – psychedelic sludge
Religious Observance – noise-addled doom/sludge
Spew Balloon – tubular tummy-turning grind

$10 entry / Doors 8:30

There’s only two Friday 13ths this year, so don’t let Pamela down…

Flyer by John Observance. Thanks for organising!

ESP MAYHEM @ Bar Open – 16/12/2017


Join us for a day/night of chaos, destruction and brutality as 15 of Melbourne’s finest purveyors of filth, heaviness and riffs combine forces to bring you probably the heaviest day of not only December but all of 2017. 

Doors open at 12:30pm, bands will be finishing at 1am. 

Tickets: $10 on the door before 4pm, $15 on the door after 4pm and presale.

Expect sweat.

Black Jesus (Death Metal)
ESP Mayhem
Religious Observance
True Defective
Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows
Maggot Bath
The High Drifters
Creep Diets
Good Time Aussie Bogalars

Pics from gigs that I forgot to plug