SAVAGE (USA) secret show tonight!

Savage01 Sunday

Grindhead Records are bringing Seattle’s ferocious powerviolence trio SAVAGE down south for the ‘Your Time Will Come Australian Tour 2018!’

Featuring members of the legendary Capitalist Casualties, and with a newly released album, Savage’s devastatingly loud, fast and pissed off powerviolence will be crippling eardrums at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar 3:00pm on Sunday 16th of September.

+ Then they’re playing this show afterwards!

UxTx & CLOGGED & …


Excellent music.

Partygrindharshsurfmoshnoisecore you can dance to.

Gross goregrind hooliganism.

Doors 7:00pm – first band at 8:00pm
Donation entry – all goes to the bands


Flyer by Maz Benjamas

SHITGRINDER are Brisbane’s leanest and meanest killing machine, straight up no frills grinding fury with their own distinct sound. They just put out a shit-hot LP and are firing on all cylinders. 
Helping light the fuse are:
BLOODRULE – finally coming out of a 3 year hiding to belt out some of the hardest death-metallized PV mosh this side of Boston Tea Stop.
EXECUTION – Melbourne’s most manic hardcore punk right now, a heart attack delivered via obsession with Italy’s unique brand of punk berserkerism. 
DIPLOID – who just get uglier and more intense with each show. A dark as hell, heavy as shit off-kilter noise/punk/grind/doom cacophony/rapture. 
ESP MAYHEM – An evil klown synth-grind headache of combative blast and confused stabs at undanceable disco peanuttery.

Saturday September 8th at the Last Chance Rock N’ Roll Bar where the revelry or misery need never end. Get there at 8, stay til humiliation drives you back to your stinky hovel!


CDR (Jp) in Melb!


breakcore australia presents…

[Breakcore – Kusoikore – Noise]

“CDR. I Am CDR. Ye. I Make A CDr. I Release CDrs. I Run Label RDCRECORDS. Its what is CDr burning . Sometimes CD, Vinyl, cassette, some Noise . Noise everywhere. Breakcore Destroyer. Pig Destroyer is not my Friend . Come on you Cunt . To get some CDR Amen . My SHOW ! In AUS . Amen Breaks 4 Ever . From JAPAN . Well, looking for WE MEET UP IN AUS !!!!!!”
Hikaru Tsunematsu 2018.6


Passenger of Shit (Blue Mountains)
-trendy speedcore gabba monk

Melt Unit (Sydney)
-fanatic footwork rave junglist

Earwax Jam (Blue Mountains)
-frantically furious flashcore enthusiast

/\throtaxis (Sydney)
-post-digital glitch noisescapes

Snuggyman (Japan via Melb)
-surreal future weird step

Umbilical Tentacle + Volk Makedonski (Curse Ov Dialect)
-partygrindharshsurfmoshnoisecore you can dance to!

-chip’a’yeehaww tune breakcore

-glitch tango erroneous funk


31st August | $5 – Upstairs @ The Tote

Thanks heaps to Breakcore Australia for putting UMBILICAL TENTACLE on this awesome show! WANKOSLOP and YENDO BRUUC played with CDR a couple of times in Tokyo in 2016/2017 and it was highly entertaining! Very excited to play with all this cool shit, and collab again with the amazing Volk Makedonski from CURSE OV DIALECT!!
Here’s some footage from UxTx & Curse’s collab at Make It Up Club at the start of this year…

Extreme Fest @ The Tote 18/08/2018



1 night of sonic abuse by Australia’s filthiest bands @ The Tote, $20 entry, come and enter another dimension of pure chaos

Meth Leppard (SA)
Creep Diets
John Howard(NSW)
Dog (NSW)
Plague of Sickness(TAS)
Uncle Geezer
Yendo Bruuc
Religious Observance
Cryptic Abyss
Spew Balloon

Doors 2:00pm, first band 2:30pm

YENDO BRUUC will be playing 2nd upstairs at 3:00pm so come down nice and early for some HARSHNOISECORE which is guaranteed to be at least 75% more coherent than that last wonky gig we played. Spewies on at 5:00pm with a whopping TWO new surfgrinding spew-rock tunes to play for the underlubricated late-arvo crowd, AND some brand new shirts!…
Full colour digital print, limited to 20, limited sizes available — $20 — get in quick!

SPEW BALLOON @ Bar Open 13/04/2018


Merchant – psych-drenched sludge
Dead Root – regressive grind/sludge
SPAWN – psychedelic sludge
Religious Observance – noise-addled doom/sludge
Spew Balloon – tubular tummy-turning grind

$10 entry / Doors 8:30

There’s only two Friday 13ths this year, so don’t let Pamela down…

Flyer by John Observance. Thanks for organising!

TURDSDAY – 05/04/2018


Get out your diaries and take heed! The first Thursday of every second month at the Last Chance is henceforth to be known as TURDSDAY: an irregular bowel movement of grind, gore and CHUD to upset your insides and make your Friday at work even worse than usual! $5 entry and doors at 8pm!

The first instalment in this crapulence-inducing crapfest is TURDSDAY APRIL 5 with:

RAWHEAD: Goregrind disgustation. For fans of: Gargling toilet water from a public toilet.
INCINERATED: Morticianwave pummelers. For fans of: Your speakers vibrating across the room.
SPEW BALLOON: Beach Boys from an alternate universe. For fans of: Having your girlfriend stolen and sand kicked in your face.
DERAILMENT: Knuckle-dragging grind sludge. For fans of: Missing the last train home.

A round of applause to DISPLEASING DESIGNS for this horrific flyer.