UMBILICAL TENTACLE @ Nighthawks 11/10/2018


Bringing some minor chaos to the new lil room in the roof of everybody’s favourite bar, Nighthawks.

Creep Diets gonna barf up some monstrous riffs.

Umbilical Tentacle gonna sluice a squid.

and Occult Blood gonna rumble the neanderthunderbox.

So sip a beer, slop up the stairs and splat your ears with the soggy sounds.

Thursday October 11th 
8pm / $8

LxPxPx – Melbourne 2017

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LITTLE PUPPY PRINCESS, furious grindcore from Seoul!! Melbourne Tour!! Plus a one-off SULSA show. Brain fluid curdling goregrind.

Friday December 8th – The Last Chance

Saturday December 9th **ARVO DRAINS SHOW – this will be finished in time for the Blood Duster show!**

Sunday December 10th – The Tote w/ SULSA

Monday December 11th – The Yarra Hotel

LPP – Little Puppy Princess

Sulsa (설사)

A truly bonkers weekend of grind/noisy music coming up! Massive cheers’s to homeboy BEAN for almost single-handedly organising these superb line-ups!

HOLY BONER album launch! 28/06/2017

mVerseJun2017 copy


Total Devastation Noisecore!! Launching their “Extreme Noise Terrific” album!

A horseshoe in a mechanical boxing glove punching you right in the guts!!

Dark noise/drone duo

Ambient, doom, ritual, drone

After more than 10 years in existence, HOLY BONER have finally released an album!!

EXTREME NOISE TERRIFIC is 25 trax of harsh blastin’, bowel rumbling, finger shredding, throat destroying noisegrind chaos. HOLY BONER deliver a vicious stop-start blast attack, full of punishing harsh wall obliterations, brief musical excursions and inevitable relapses into aural devastation!!

Utilising an ungodly arsenal of homemade/modified instruments, FX pedals, blast-o-ramas and shredded throats, HOLY BONER create a cacophonous racket of speaker cone shattering, tinnitus exacerbating, noisecore annihilation worthy of the bloody long wait!!

Strap yourself in for an enduring blasphemic thrillride of horrendous sonic masochism and annoyance!!!


Feat blokes from: Super Fun Happy Slide, Umbilical Tentacle, KLUNK, Social Climber and blah blah blah playing TOTAL DEVASTATION NOISECORE inspired by our favourite noisy bands like GBN, WORLD, ARSE DESTROYER, AC, FINAL EXIT, LDoH blah blah blah.

KIYASU Tour starts this week!

29/03 – Sydney – Life Groove Cafe – $6 Entry
Kiyasu (from Sete Star, Japan) Snare Drum Solo
Synchronized Periods (from Newcastle)
Melanie Eden/Leighton Arnold (vox/gtr/field rec)
Life Groove Orchestra

30/03 – Newcastle – Croatian Club – $5 Entry
Ryosuke Kiyasu
where history
alzheimer blanks
synch periods

31/03 – Melbourne – The Tote Upstairs – $10 Entry
Asbestosisis (album launch!)
Ryosuke Kiyasu
Umbilical Tentacle
ESP Mayhem

01/04 – Melbourne – Magnet Studios – $10 Entry
Ryosuke Kiyasu
Octave Pussy
Ari Sharp
Kiyasu Noisecorkestra

02/04 – Brisbane – 28 Withington St. East Brisbane – $Donation entry
**Starts 5:30pm sharp!!**
Ryosuke Kiyasu
Pink Mouse
Psychedelic Microwaves
Amanda Terry & Tim Green


Massive cheers to everyone local and interstate who has helped get this tour together! Great line-ups, I wish I could be there for the interstate gigs!
Seeing Kiyasu play solo was a highlight of my Japan trip last year for sure. He’s one of the most dedicated grind/noisemakers I’ve ever met, and this tour is entirely self-funded, so go give him the support he deserves!



This week at MIUC we embrace bombastic brutality for the midpoint of our month-long birthday festivities, featuring four fierce frequential factions fixedly fascinated with tinnital fuel efficiency.

Two of the most awe-inspiringly aethyreal duos to ever bedeck the Bar Open stage on a Tuesday, namely organ-ic bombinators Lisa MacKinney & Roman Tucker and euphoric free jazzinators Maria Moles & Adam Halliwell, combine their impeccable processes at summoning sonic splendours.

Two of the most hypervariegatedly spontaneous shredders to arise from the pullulating pits of Hellbourne, namely amazing everythingist James Rushford and everythingcore percussive provocateur Sean Baxter, abstractedly discoursing on the intersectional potentialities of Xenakis, Les Légions Noire and Mark Hamill reading Trump tweets as The Joker.

And two of the most vociferously visceral cacophonous wrecking crews in town, namely Colostomy Baguette? and Holy Boner, unite to usher in an unholy new age of textural terror, handmade horrors, augmentative atrocities and cloyingly crasscore combinatorial bandnames.

– Lisa MacKinney (Organ), Roman Tucker (Organ), Maria Moles (Drums) & Adam Halliwell (Guitar, Electronics)

– James Rushford (Strings) & Sean Baxter (Skins, Things)

– Colostomy Boner? feat. John Stevens (Voice, Electronics), Wayne Donovan (Voice), Nik Kennedy (Handmade Noisebass, Voice), Brad Smith (Drums) & Rod Cooper (Handmade Shreddery, Voice)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30pm for a 9:00pm start

Delayed telecast IG’s

If you have time-machine access, get on down to The Yarra Hotel 3 days ago, it was a sweet gig!