SPEW BALLOON @ Bar Open 13/04/2018


Merchant – psych-drenched sludge
Dead Root – regressive grind/sludge
SPAWN – psychedelic sludge
Religious Observance – noise-addled doom/sludge
Spew Balloon – tubular tummy-turning grind

$10 entry / Doors 8:30

There’s only two Friday 13ths this year, so don’t let Pamela down…



Flyer by John Observance. Thanks for organising!

TURDSDAY – 05/04/2018


Get out your diaries and take heed! The first Thursday of every second month at the Last Chance is henceforth to be known as TURDSDAY: an irregular bowel movement of grind, gore and CHUD to upset your insides and make your Friday at work even worse than usual! $5 entry and doors at 8pm!

The first instalment in this crapulence-inducing crapfest is TURDSDAY APRIL 5 with:

RAWHEAD: Goregrind disgustation. For fans of: Gargling toilet water from a public toilet.
INCINERATED: Morticianwave pummelers. For fans of: Your speakers vibrating across the room.
SPEW BALLOON: Beach Boys from an alternate universe. For fans of: Having your girlfriend stolen and sand kicked in your face.
DERAILMENT: Knuckle-dragging grind sludge. For fans of: Missing the last train home.

A round of applause to DISPLEASING DESIGNS for this horrific flyer.

SPEW BALLOON @ Tote Upstairs 29/11/2017


Noise Punk Sludge Grind Show

Set Times for the night

Axilism 11:00 – 11:40
Spew Balloon 10:10 – 10:40
True Defective 9:20 – 9:50
Body Horror 8:30 – 9:00

Tote Upstairs – $5 or maybe free, I’m not sure
Thanks Craig/True Defective for organising!
Here’s a bit of Spewies action from the weekend…. thanks Wayne!