Fart Swash!

Haven’t updated here for ages… I haven’t really done any “proper” music/noise during the pandemic but I did get this amazing new noise machine from my friend and humble genius Electrofarts, which I’m calling the FART SWASH. It’s an Electrofarts interpretation of the 4MS Noise Swash and it sounds fuggin siiiiiiick!!!

Machine noise 05/02/2020


Thanks everyone who got in the tube with us at Summer Speedfest 2!

NERD SHIT – SxBx 2020

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Nerd shit ⚠️ SPEW BALLOON 2020 setup! Bass splits to 2 pedal chains: Bottom is "guitar" – from top right then down.. Blackout Fix'd Fuzz Deluxe for boost/filtering –> red Whammy harmonising a 5th for power chord –> Bass Whammy then shifts it an octave up –> cheapo EQ sucks out low end/string noise –> Tensor harmonises octave up –> Bitquest can add another octave up for "solos" –> Plasma then Geiger Counter for very NICE distortion. Top is "bass" – Frantabit for boost/extra churn –> Fairfield Four Eyes for cutting highs/boosting lows –> Fat Fuzz Factory for noise –> 4ms Noise Swash for more noise! –> Ol' Dirty Bastard glues it all together. Well stoked. It has taken me years to hone this shit! Come hear it tonight at Swamplands! #doublewhammy #makingbasssoundlikeguitar #pedalporn #effectpedals #distortion #fuzz #noise #grindcore #spewrock #chundergrind #towelcore #surfgrind #spewballoon

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G.B.S. jam video

Video description says it all! Really looking forward to Thursday, should be GROSS!

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Turdsday warm-up