SPASMOBLITERATED SLOPBUCKET is a battered cylinder oozing with pulsating gunk and gelatinous globules of swirling muck in a parallel universe de-splatulated noise vortex of mangled voiceboxisms; mondo static of unknown origin; subsonic cell massage; malfunctioning cyborg errors; grimcore darkness of eeevil; ugly mantras, outerspace transmissions; and other frequential wormhole explorations…

SPASMOSLOP @ Make It Up Club, Bar Open 2016 by Yunis Tmeizeh

SPASMOSLOP first germinated in 2007 and can be heard, seen and possibly smelled as a solo entity; in collaborative mutations with other sonic vessels; and in various scientifically-identified species groups.

SPASMOSLOP @ Reptilian Noise Channel 03/12/2016 by Tina Douglas

Nik Kennedy:
Voiceboxisms / Microphonics / Inxtruments / Electronicals / Handmade Noisemakers / Stuff

SPASMOSLOP @ Reptilian Noise Channel 03/12/2016 by Peter James