Flyer by Bean/Displeasing Designs

FRIDAY MAY 19 AT WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!! 8pm start, $10 entry.

Black Jesus (Death Metal)
Scrap metal death metal!!!

Gestating goregrind (with newly birthed line-up!!)!!!

Christ Crusher- Melbourne Grind Syndicate 666
FAAAAST grindcore fury!!!

Spew Balloon
Nauseating spewrock plop!!!

Pore-blocking GUNK!!

SPEW BALLOON “Japan Edition” demo CD’s will be available! Come and ask us!



PISSBOLT release our new CD ‘PISSNBLOOD’ after over a decade between releases. We are so stoked to announce that Irish grindcore legends ABADDON INCARNATE (Dublin) will be helping us destroy the Bendy on the night, along with an absolute belter of a lineup that includes THE RUINER, CONTAMINATED, UNBOUND (Brisbane) & ESP MAYHEM. Holy fuck!!!! This will be a big one!


Second and final Melbourne show for Ireland’s legendary ABADDON INCARNATE!! Punishing grindcore from Dublin, coming all the way to Collingwood and destroying Johnston Street! Don’t miss this chance to have your head caved in pass you by! With support from locals BLACK JESUS (scrap metal death metal), DERAILMENT (knuckle-dragging sludge/grind), SPEW BALLOON (nausea-inducing grind/punk) and CLOGGED (artery-blocking goregrind)!!

It’s a Sunday night but the next day is a public holiday so who cares?? Get wild! Get loose!! Get destroyed!!!

Doors at 6:30pm, first band at 7pm SHARP!

Clogged/Spasmo/CxBx?x pics

Lots of screaming heads in this lot! Big thanks as always to Yunis Tmeizeh for making us all look cool…

Delayed telecast IG’s

If you have time-machine access, get on down to The Yarra Hotel 3 days ago, it was a sweet gig!

CLOGGED @ Brunswick Hotel 20/11/2016


Epic Doom-Lords Religious Observance tear it up with True Defectives way loose Sludge, Clogged’s MaximumHooliganGrind and Headlopper’s Experimental Grindcore/Avant-Garde Noisecore

Religious Observance 10:30 – 11:10PM 40mins
True Defective 9:30 – 10:10PM 40mins
Clogged 8:45 – 9:15PM 30mins
Headlopper 8:00 – 8:30PM 30mins

It’s actually “MAXIMUMGOREGRINDHOOLIGANISM” but that’s close enough.

CLOGGED @ Brunswick Hotel 23/10/2016

Super rare alternative flier for this evening's show. #pralinesanddick #woundedpig #wrøng #clogged #suppressant

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