KUTABARE – ‘Worm-ridden decaying corpse propped up on a chair’

FACELESS BURIAL – ‘Repeated blows to your skull with a hammer’

THE BORKENLAYNE (JAP/AUS) – ‘International Gore Friendship Band’

HEADLESS DEATH – ‘Fungi sprouting out of your ears’

EXTREMELY BRUTAL (JAP) – Solo Version – ‘Death from over exposure to heavy metals’

CATBOX (JAP) – ???

Friday 13th July
@ SWAMPLANDS (Tago Mago)
Doors @ 8pm
$10 Entry

Brace yourselves for 3 jam-packed nights of utterly brutal extirpatory excessiveness courtesy of sick-riff troubadour HAGAMOTO from Japan (Bodies Lay Broken, Patisserie, The Men’s Toilet + many more) and an all star lineup of local chuds that’ll devastate and delight in equal measure.

THE BORKENLAYNE (JAP/AUS) is the latest string in the HAGAMOTO bow of br00dleness teaming up with local drum whacker BRAD (SFHS, Clogged etc) and viscious vocal vehemency by NIK (SFHS, Clogged etc) and BRENDAN (Spew Balloon). A majestic journey into a world of thrashing goregrind wildness full of RIFFS!, WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP blasts, gelatinous throat excretions and excessive pinch harmonics!!
This tour will serve as the launch for the debut album “PAIN IS THE FEARMINDER” CD out on RADICAL BLARGHST.

EXTREMELY BRUTAL – Solo Version (JAP) will also be launching their debut CD release destined to soil your ears with intensely tough death metal fretboard wizardry and pulverising percussive bludegoning, on the CD (not the shows) by DAN (ARCHAGATHUS).

SHOW #2 – Sun 15th July @ The Bendigo Hotel

SHOW #3 – Sat 21st July @ The Footscray Hotel

C.H.U.D. SPECTACULAR – 25/09/2015


Calling all C.H.U.D.s! On Monday Sept 25th, head down to the Last Chance for a night of ugly, malformed and downright disgusting GRIND/DEATH. HEADLESS DEATH bring the negativity and extreme self-hatred in 280bpm spades (touring the US in November!), SPEW BALLOON will forcibly eject your lower digestive tract out through your crusty-ass nose, INCINERATED muscle out the Hardest Jards in true Morticianwave fashion and RAWHEAD kick this outrageously appalling night off its hinges in a hideous display of Z-tuned boneheadery played by actual real life C.H.U.D.s.