Pics from gigs that I forgot to plug

ESP MAYHEM demo preview

Two tracks from the upcoming ESP MAYHEM demo CD, coming out soon!
Mixing, mastering and all artwork by evil genius Zev.

And here’s a few nice pics from a recent gig at Bar Open by Yunis Tmeizeh feat. Doug sneezing and/or milking the prostate and/or supernaturally transcending to the first stage of cyborg form.

Clogged/Spasmo/CxBx?x pics

Lots of screaming heads in this lot! Big thanks as always to Yunis Tmeizeh for making us all look cool…

R.N.C. pics

Thanks to Tina Douglas, Peter James, Yunis Tmeizeh and Josie Jo for these, and a massive thanks to Magnet crew and everyone who played and attended Reptilian Noise Channel #002, I thought it was pretty fucking special!
Next one: Feb 2017.