C.H.U.D. SPECTACULAR – 25/09/2015


Calling all C.H.U.D.s! On Monday Sept 25th, head down to the Last Chance for a night of ugly, malformed and downright disgusting GRIND/DEATH. HEADLESS DEATH bring the negativity and extreme self-hatred in 280bpm spades (touring the US in November!), SPEW BALLOON will forcibly eject your lower digestive tract out through your crusty-ass nose, INCINERATED muscle out the Hardest Jards in true Morticianwave fashion and RAWHEAD kick this outrageously appalling night off its hinges in a hideous display of Z-tuned boneheadery played by actual real life C.H.U.D.s.

HEADLESS DEATH: https://headlessdeath.bandcamp.com/

SPEW BALLOON: https://spasmoslop.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2017

INCINERATED: https://incinerateddm.bandcamp.com/album/lobotomise

RAWHEAD: https://rawheadau.bandcamp.com/album/mortuary-mutilations-demo-2017