KIYASU Tour starts this week!

29/03 – Sydney – Life Groove Cafe – $6 Entry
Kiyasu (from Sete Star, Japan) Snare Drum Solo
Synchronized Periods (from Newcastle)
Melanie Eden/Leighton Arnold (vox/gtr/field rec)
Life Groove Orchestra

30/03 – Newcastle – Croatian Club – $5 Entry
Ryosuke Kiyasu
where history
alzheimer blanks
synch periods

31/03 – Melbourne – The Tote Upstairs – $10 Entry
Asbestosisis (album launch!)
Ryosuke Kiyasu
Umbilical Tentacle
ESP Mayhem

01/04 – Melbourne – Magnet Studios – $10 Entry
Ryosuke Kiyasu
Octave Pussy
Ari Sharp
Kiyasu Noisecorkestra

02/04 – Brisbane – 28 Withington St. East Brisbane – $Donation entry
**Starts 5:30pm sharp!!**
Ryosuke Kiyasu
Pink Mouse
Psychedelic Microwaves
Amanda Terry & Tim Green


Massive cheers to everyone local and interstate who has helped get this tour together! Great line-ups, I wish I could be there for the interstate gigs!
Seeing Kiyasu play solo was a highlight of my Japan trip last year for sure. He’s one of the most dedicated grind/noisemakers I’ve ever met, and this tour is entirely self-funded, so go give him the support he deserves!

ESP MAYHEM demo preview

Two tracks from the upcoming ESP MAYHEM demo CD, coming out soon!
Mixing, mastering and all artwork by evil genius Zev.

And here’s a few nice pics from a recent gig at Bar Open by Yunis Tmeizeh feat. Doug sneezing and/or milking the prostate and/or supernaturally transcending to the first stage of cyborg form.



PISSBOLT release our new CD ‘PISSNBLOOD’ after over a decade between releases. We are so stoked to announce that Irish grindcore legends ABADDON INCARNATE (Dublin) will be helping us destroy the Bendy on the night, along with an absolute belter of a lineup that includes THE RUINER, CONTAMINATED, UNBOUND (Brisbane) & ESP MAYHEM. Holy fuck!!!! This will be a big one!


Second and final Melbourne show for Ireland’s legendary ABADDON INCARNATE!! Punishing grindcore from Dublin, coming all the way to Collingwood and destroying Johnston Street! Don’t miss this chance to have your head caved in pass you by! With support from locals BLACK JESUS (scrap metal death metal), DERAILMENT (knuckle-dragging sludge/grind), SPEW BALLOON (nausea-inducing grind/punk) and CLOGGED (artery-blocking goregrind)!!

It’s a Sunday night but the next day is a public holiday so who cares?? Get wild! Get loose!! Get destroyed!!!

Doors at 6:30pm, first band at 7pm SHARP!

SPEW BALLOON – Demo 2017

Recorded Feb 2017 by SPEW BALLOON at Magnet Studios

Tolman – Helium Tanks
Bruce – Double Whammy
Bean – Nausea

Very stoked to finally get something out for SPEW BALLOON! Artwork by Displeasing Designs. We’ll be playing our first gig and selling demo CD-R’s at Disco Multiverse tonight!



Awesome little doco on one of my favourite, and most inspirational noisemakers in the Multiverse!! With a bit of “the orchestra” at the end, with the HOLY BONER noisecore blasting vibes… on an ABC documentary… I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. What a fuggin legend!