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DFFDL & SCUMWITCH #soundofnotdoing #magnetstudios #dronemusic #psychedelicnoise

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#soundofnotdoing #magnetstudios #sklergk

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Sound Of Not Doing #03 ::: 17/12/2016

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17/12/2016 :: MAGNET Presents


Close the pod door and join us for another Drone/Ambient/Psych zone-out in the SPATIAL Studio at Magnet. Comfortable surroundings and special extended sets and collabs…

Latest deep-mind experiments from the Magnet laboratory

Masterful electronic wizardry

Rory Brown (contrabass/electronics) & Rod Cooper (handmade instruments) & Peter James (synths/electronics) & Nik Kennedy (vocals/synths/electronics)

Mutual collaborative hypnosis


17th Dec 2016
7:00pm Start
$10 entry
SPATIAL Studio @ Magnet
11 Roosevelt St. North Coburg

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ERIN K. TAYLOR @ #reptiliannoisechannel #magnetstudios #noisemusic #diymusic #diyinstruments

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IG: YENDO BRUUC, IS.NOT.MORE. , allthestarstheybleedtogether

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KOONI & FRIENDS @ MIUC 08/11/2016

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This instalment of MIUC features nine sonoversal shredders in three cacophonously kaleido-audic displays of uncontrived auricular conception, forging frequential realms of existence and fortuity far beyond the reach of more orthodox reverberant renderings.

We welcome kinetically-endowed electroshredder Kooni of Kyoto with some of the finest purveyors of shitcore brutality Melbourne currently has to offer, laying out the spontaneity-stained red carpet for some derangedly dense extreme noise terrificness.

Freya Shack-Arnott favours the Club with another serving of her sublime string-based sonics on a brief Melbournian junket, magnanimously introducing us to consummately gifted guzheng extemporiser Mindy Wong for some synergetic electroacoustic ecstasies.

And Muddy Lawrence, an entity the curator stumbled upon over half a decade ago via a free recycled cassette in a record store and adored immediately, which he has great pleasure in presenting for your post-punk-is-over-so-what-now anti-virtuosic convalescence.

• Kooni (Being Amazing), Yuka Mikayama (Being Fabulous), Ove-Naxx (Being Beats/Samples), Rod Cooper (Being Sounds), Nik Kennedy (Being Noise/Processing) & Brad Smith (Being Drums/A Maniac)

• Freya Schack-Arnott (Cello) & Mindy Wong (Guzheng)

• Muddy Lawrence aka Reece Prain (Electronics, Voice)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

WANKOSLOP played with KOONI/KOO-NEE in Kyoto earlier this year and it was HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!! He’s also playing DISCO  MULTIVERSE on 16th Nov., and maybe something else… Check him out while he’s in town!