NERD SHIT – SxBx 2020

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Nerd shit ⚠️ SPEW BALLOON 2020 setup! Bass splits to 2 pedal chains: Bottom is "guitar" – from top right then down.. Blackout Fix'd Fuzz Deluxe for boost/filtering –> red Whammy harmonising a 5th for power chord –> Bass Whammy then shifts it an octave up –> cheapo EQ sucks out low end/string noise –> Tensor harmonises octave up –> Bitquest can add another octave up for "solos" –> Plasma then Geiger Counter for very NICE distortion. Top is "bass" – Frantabit for boost/extra churn –> Fairfield Four Eyes for cutting highs/boosting lows –> Fat Fuzz Factory for noise –> 4ms Noise Swash for more noise! –> Ol' Dirty Bastard glues it all together. Well stoked. It has taken me years to hone this shit! Come hear it tonight at Swamplands! #doublewhammy #makingbasssoundlikeguitar #pedalporn #effectpedals #distortion #fuzz #noise #grindcore #spewrock #chundergrind #towelcore #surfgrind #spewballoon

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