After touring Australia twice with SETE STAR SEPT, Tokyo noise/grind maniac Ryosuke Kiyasu returns for a solo tour to fuck up snare drums, sticks, mics and your wretched ears!!

Playing Melbourne:
March 31st @ The Tote Upstairs with Asbestosisis, Umbilical Tentacle & more
April 1st @ Spatial Studio, Magnet Studios with Octave Pussy, Ari Sharp & more




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MAGNET Presents


Tether your space suit to the nearest comfortable object and free float through the next Drone/Ambient/Psych orbit in the SPATIAL Studio at Magnet…

Latest audiophysical findings from the Magnet Laboratory’s top scientists

Often described as: minimal new age / / ambient noise / / industrial concrète / / abstract techno / / cold new wave

New collab of electronic sound crafters for new sound worlds

+ NGC 1275
Otherworldly ambient atmospheres and alien meditations

4th March 2017
7:00pm Start
$10 entry
Immersive sound set-up by Magnet Studios
Comfortable stuff to sit/lie on, or BYO
Outdoor area for brain resting
SPATIAL Studio @ Magnet
11 Roosevelt St. North Coburg


S.O.N.D. #03 IG’s

DFFDL & SCUMWITCH #soundofnotdoing #magnetstudios #dronemusic #psychedelicnoise

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#soundofnotdoing #magnetstudios #sklergk

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PLANET/ARIUM – 19/12/2016


PLANET/ARIUM is a regular gathering of sound-lovers/noise-makers/improvisers in the SPATIAL Studio at Magnet Studios – www.magnetmelbourne.com.au

Perform / Collaborate / Listen
A communal vibe where people can come and share their sounds, perform, jam & collaborate, organise a sonic happening or experiment, or just listen and enjoy the amazing acoustics of SPATIAL.

Each installment will have a basic theme or structure so it’s not a complete mess (unless that’s the theme).
A communal exchange, not a curated event. Get involved!
If you’ve got an idea, chuck it around, make it happen! Use the Facebook event page or the page on letsnoise.com to discuss stuff, or talk about it on the night.

First voyage: Monday 19th Dec
Spatial Studio, Magnet Studios
11 Roosevelt St. North Coburg

We’ll keep it simple for the first one:

6:30-7:30 Set-up/sound check/show & tell
7:30 “Open PA” and/or jamming
8:30 Break
After that: More Open PA and/or jamming until everyone’s had enough or we run out of time

There’s a good PA but you might want to bring an amp if you have one. We also have a couple of spare amps that people can use.
IMPORTANT: BRING LEADS!!! Whatever “utility” stuff you need to connect your stuff to other stuff. People often forget this!

There will also be a $-donation box-$
Please contribute $5-$10 or whatever you can to help with Magnet’s ongoing explorations! For your input you get access to one of the best-sounding rooms around, a PA or amp to plug your stuff into, a recording of the session (uploaded later), and of course that special warm feeling that you’re helping a good cause. Chur.

[PLANET/ARIUM graphic by Pip Clark – www.picturesbypip.com]

AllTheStarsTheyBleedTogether – MMW 2016

INFO & TICKETS: Virtual reality. Spatial audio. Live score. Step into another world.

Had another excellent rehearsal in the Spatial Studio at Magnet the other night with the group. We’re playing an immersive multi-channel live score for the event using a variety of conventional and DIY instruments and effects. It’s all very technical and fancy and sounds bloody good! If you wanna check it out get a ticket ASAP because there aren’t many!

Here are some cool photos from the jam thanks to Pip Clark – picturesbypip.com


Sound of Sound-Checking

MALLARD/DEAD MEN sound check sounding good! #soundofnotdoing

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MALLARD/DEAD MEN sound-checking at SOUND OF NOT DOING 02 in the amazing Spatial Studio at Magnet 24/09/2016

I was enjoying the gig so much, this is the only video I took.