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This Tuesday at MIUC we delve into texturally tailored electroacoustic expanses of the sonoverse cultivated by thirteen of the most cunning cacophony creators currently enriching the resplendent auricular agglomeration that is Melbournian improvised sound.

Turret Truck is the neoteric raucous venture of noise-rock veterans Dave Brown, Phil Brophy & Bill McDonald, ruminating on the sublime potentialities of motorik mindfulness coupled with elektronik augmentation from the narrower aisles of deadpan dysphoria.

Two veritable sonorespiratory virtuosi in Aviva Endean & Rebecca Lane offer up a rarefied dyadic deliberation upon the rapturous reverberant capacity of the humble reed and pipe, descending from euphoric heights of soprano splendor to intriguing fathomages of contrabass acuity.

The Magnet Orchestra comprises six splendrously chameleonic seekers of au courant audial possibilities operating out of a fertile not-so-secret Coburgian lair, amalgamating mechanical transmogrification with autoelectro reconstruction across all four dimensions of din.

And Tyson Slithers and Emily Yuting Chen shatter both auditory and visual cortices with streams of ocularities and torrents of electroacoustic abstractions, scanning microcosmic realms for nonlinear gems of experiential expansion and interrogatory indulgence.

•Turret Truck feat. Dave Brown (Guitar, Electronics), Phil Brophy (Drums, Electronics) & Bill McDonald (Bass, Electronics)

• Aviva Endean (Clarinets) & Rebecca Lane (Quarter-Tone Bass Flute, Concert Flute)

• The Magnet Orchestra feat. Erin Taylor (Electroacoustic Percussion), Matt Faisandier (Guitar, Electronics), Ari Sharp (Distressed Zincalume), Nik Kennedy (Electro-Oral Noise), Mike Rothwell (Christ-Haunted Drone) & Simon Maisch (Spin Doctor)

• Tyson Slithers (Scanners, Electronics) & Emily Yuting Chen (Scanners, Electronics)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

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Photo by Pip Clark –

AllTheStarsTheyBleedTogether – MMW 2016

INFO & TICKETS: Virtual reality. Spatial audio. Live score. Step into another world.

Had another excellent rehearsal in the Spatial Studio at Magnet the other night with the group. We’re playing an immersive multi-channel live score for the event using a variety of conventional and DIY instruments and effects. It’s all very technical and fancy and sounds bloody good! If you wanna check it out get a ticket ASAP because there aren’t many!

Here are some cool photos from the jam thanks to Pip Clark –