CDR (Jp) in Melb!


breakcore australia presents…

[Breakcore – Kusoikore – Noise]

“CDR. I Am CDR. Ye. I Make A CDr. I Release CDrs. I Run Label RDCRECORDS. Its what is CDr burning . Sometimes CD, Vinyl, cassette, some Noise . Noise everywhere. Breakcore Destroyer. Pig Destroyer is not my Friend . Come on you Cunt . To get some CDR Amen . My SHOW ! In AUS . Amen Breaks 4 Ever . From JAPAN . Well, looking for WE MEET UP IN AUS !!!!!!”
Hikaru Tsunematsu 2018.6


Passenger of Shit (Blue Mountains)
-trendy speedcore gabba monk

Melt Unit (Sydney)
-fanatic footwork rave junglist

Earwax Jam (Blue Mountains)
-frantically furious flashcore enthusiast

/\throtaxis (Sydney)
-post-digital glitch noisescapes

Snuggyman (Japan via Melb)
-surreal future weird step

Umbilical Tentacle + Volk Makedonski (Curse Ov Dialect)
-partygrindharshsurfmoshnoisecore you can dance to!

-chip’a’yeehaww tune breakcore

-glitch tango erroneous funk


31st August | $5 – Upstairs @ The Tote

Thanks heaps to Breakcore Australia for putting UMBILICAL TENTACLE on this awesome show! WANKOSLOP and YENDO BRUUC played with CDR a couple of times in Tokyo in 2016/2017 and it was highly entertaining! Very excited to play with all this cool shit, and collab again with the amazing Volk Makedonski from CURSE OV DIALECT!!
Here’s some footage from UxTx & Curse’s collab at Make It Up Club at the start of this year…

MIUC 20th Birthday Mania!!

MIU Lamb tshirt green lime.jpg
Next week I’m very excited to be playing 2 sets with a bunch of my favourite sound people for one of MIUC’s 20th birthday gigs!

Tuesday 16th January 2018
Bar Open, Fitzroy
• Elizabeth Millar [CA/AU] / Craig Pedersen [CA] / Belinda Woods 
• Rod Cooper / Ari Sharp / Nik Kennedy / Maz Benjamas / Kerrie Farnsworth
• Byron Scullin / Carolyn Connors 
• Toecutter [NSW] / Bridget Chappell / Aloysious Falcon aka Gem Falconer 
• Umbilical Tentacle / Curse Ov Dialect / Emile Zile

More info here:

Thanks to Annalee Koernig and Ari Sharp for organising!