SPASMOSLOP @ MIUC 12/11/2019

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Well psyched to be playing solo at MIUC on Tues next week! Been working on my shit heaps for the last few months, can't wait to crank it! Photo by @h0ll_33 Make It Up Club 12/11/2019 at Bar Open Doors at 8pm for an 8:30pm start $5/$10 – Ester Poly (CH) – Martina Berther (Bass) / Béatrice Graf (Drums) – Lil Yachty Plays Seven Cellos At Once – Bridget Chappell (Cello) / Aki Swift (Cello) / Ffion Stoakes (Cello) / Grace Gilkerson (Cello) / Mara Schwerdtfeger (Cello) / Asli (Cello) – Spasmoslop – Nik Kennedy (Electro-Oral Noise) #electrooralnoise #humanoscillator #malfunctioningcyborgerrors #mondostatic #uglymantras #grimcore #subsoniccellmassage #vocalnoise #synthnoise #noise #harshnoise #pedalnoise #darkambient #harshambient #harshdrone #vocalprocessing #makeitupclub #spasmoslop #letsnoise

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SPASMOSLOP @ Loop Bar 03/05/2018


We’re back at Loop to make more cool electro/noiz shit!



7:30 PM May 3 $5

No idiots/bigots

POWERED BY STEAM – 04/03/2018


After months of planning and finagle, we’re happy to finally announce Powered by steam fest!! 2 days of mixed duo improv noiz



Jen tait (

Weaver (Justine Walsh & Sol Laskowski)

Eamon campell-june

Exogene (Vijay Thillaimuthu & Chloë Smith)

Lucie Thorne

Emily Bennett

David Prescott Steed

Andras Bubics

Nik Kennedy

Carla Oliver

Justin Ashworth

Anthony Cooley

Rod cooper

Rohan drape

over two days on the first weekend of March 3rd & 4th

$ 5 bucks each day (noone turned away from lack of funds)

no idiots/bigots

I’m playing on the second day, 4th March, in a duo with Emily Bennett, sweeeet!
Thanks to Anthony Cooley for organising!

Studio Spasmo 26/02/2017

Studio Spasmo 25/02/2018