RCKTSRGRY & other recent IG’s

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RCKTSRGRY @ Grumpy’s!


noiz and cool shit at grumpys


RCKTSRGRY (Tina Douglas & Nik Kennedy from a million cool things)

KUTUK (Brad From body horror, anthony from DFFDL)

Chris rule & Skueue (from Resonant & Sacred of Magnitude)

Eamon-Campbell June

June 10 


no idiots/bigots

Thanks Anthony/DFFDL for organising!
First RCKTSRGRY gig in yeeeeeeaaars! Over the last couple of years Tina has been doing some really cool sound shit using electro-conductive paint, conductive felt and other nifty DIY electronic gizmos for live gigs and art installations, and is making brand new “weird control glove and weird control panel” controller thingos for this gig, sweet!
Meanwhile here’s one of four videos that Tina made back in 2011 using RCKTSRGRY sounds and mashed old sc-fi movies…