KUTABARE – ‘Worm-ridden decaying corpse propped up on a chair’

FACELESS BURIAL – ‘Repeated blows to your skull with a hammer’

THE BORKENLAYNE (JAP/AUS) – ‘International Gore Friendship Band’

HEADLESS DEATH – ‘Fungi sprouting out of your ears’

EXTREMELY BRUTAL (JAP) – Solo Version – ‘Death from over exposure to heavy metals’

CATBOX (JAP) – ???

Friday 13th July
@ SWAMPLANDS (Tago Mago)
Doors @ 8pm
$10 Entry

Brace yourselves for 3 jam-packed nights of utterly brutal extirpatory excessiveness courtesy of sick-riff troubadour HAGAMOTO from Japan (Bodies Lay Broken, Patisserie, The Men’s Toilet + many more) and an all star lineup of local chuds that’ll devastate and delight in equal measure.

THE BORKENLAYNE (JAP/AUS) is the latest string in the HAGAMOTO bow of br00dleness teaming up with local drum whacker BRAD (SFHS, Clogged etc) and viscious vocal vehemency by NIK (SFHS, Clogged etc) and BRENDAN (Spew Balloon). A majestic journey into a world of thrashing goregrind wildness full of RIFFS!, WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP blasts, gelatinous throat excretions and excessive pinch harmonics!!
This tour will serve as the launch for the debut album “PAIN IS THE FEARMINDER” CD out on RADICAL BLARGHST.

EXTREMELY BRUTAL – Solo Version (JAP) will also be launching their debut CD release destined to soil your ears with intensely tough death metal fretboard wizardry and pulverising percussive bludegoning, on the CD (not the shows) by DAN (ARCHAGATHUS).

SHOW #2 – Sun 15th July @ The Bendigo Hotel

SHOW #3 – Sat 21st July @ The Footscray Hotel

CORPSEPAINT X-PRESS @ Boogieman Bar 05/07/2018




Tumtooma (Mariam from Diploid)

Caustic Grip (Scud from Deader)

Shallow ( John from Religious Observance)

Corpsepaint X-Press (Nik from Spasmoslop, Anthony from DFFDL)

7:30 doors

No idiots/bigots

We acknowledge this show is being held on the occupied land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. Sovereignty has never been ceded.

SPEW BALLOON @ Bar Open 20/06/2018


Never before in the history of time has there been such an assembly of the sickest bands ever on a Wednesday night. 

Say Hello to your Wednesday Hump-Day Cure, The MID WEEK MEAT GRINDER!

Featuring the most brutal, vile and filthy acts ever to defile the stage of Bar Open, this show is guaranteed to get your juices flowing inside and out! The once in a lifetime lineup consists of MAGGOT BATH, ABU GHRAIB, SPEW BALLOON and MINDRIPPA. This is the show you’ve been dreaming about since you were just a wee tacka!

First up we have Mindrippa, a brutal sonic assault that promises to leave your cerebral cortex in absolute tatters!

Next is Spew Balloon, a crusty, filthy dirty vomit ridden Spew-Rock entity that will have you wishing you didn’t eat that hot dog for lunch! BYO sick bag!

Abu Ghraib will then execute the most ruthless, relentless and uncompromising old school black/death/thrash/grind you will ever hear. Torture Death Grind at it’s most opulent!

Maggot Bath are our final act, delivering the fatal blow to whatever remains of your shattered body and soul. Grinding, thrashing and sludging their way to aural oblivion!

This one will go down in the history books folks, something to tell the Grand kids about!

DOORS 8:30 
TIX $10

Crikey, I thought my write-ups were over-the-top! Thanks to Abu Ghraib for organising and HYPE.

RCKTSRGRY & other recent IG’s


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RCKTSRGRY @ Grumpy’s!


noiz and cool shit at grumpys


RCKTSRGRY (Tina Douglas & Nik Kennedy from a million cool things)

KUTUK (Brad From body horror, anthony from DFFDL)

Chris rule & Skueue (from Resonant & Sacred of Magnitude)

Eamon-Campbell June

June 10 


no idiots/bigots

Thanks Anthony/DFFDL for organising!
First RCKTSRGRY gig in yeeeeeeaaars! Over the last couple of years Tina has been doing some really cool sound shit using electro-conductive paint, conductive felt and other nifty DIY electronic gizmos for live gigs and art installations, and is making brand new “weird control glove and weird control panel” controller thingos for this gig, sweet!
Meanwhile here’s one of four videos that Tina made back in 2011 using RCKTSRGRY sounds and mashed old sc-fi movies…




Get out your diaries and take heed! The first Thursday of every second month at the Last Chance is henceforth to be known as TURDSDAY: an irregular bowel movement of grind, gore and CHUD to upset your insides and make your Friday at work even worse than usual! $5 entry and doors at 7:30pm!

Turdsday number twos promises to be just as wafty as the first thanks to the following miscreants:

EMPTY GESTURE: Unflushed toilet mince grind.
ESP MAYHEM: Multi-synth grind overload.
SPEW BALLOON: Sand-in-your-dacks-like-kitty-litter gromit crushers.
CLOGGED: S-bend blocking goregrind. BYO plunger.

Coming soon: TURDSDAY #3! August 2nd!

ESP MAYHEM replacing DEFENESTRATION so I’ll be doing my first ever triple-clanger!

Flyer by Displeasing Designs

WANKOSLOP @ BOUND – 02/06/2018



An evening of Shibari performances and much much more …. 

​​$20 EARLY BIRD BOOK AT valid until the 16th May, after that, tickets will be $30/person . 

This edition of Bound will feature as the main act Hajime Kinoko, undoubtedly one of Japans top Shibari Masters, he will be accompanied by two other performers that are amongst the best rope artists in Australia. Bound by Avalon is open event and aimed to please your own visual and kinesthetic delight ….

On the night, we will also have the pleasure to see WANKOSLOP in their bizarro noise performance-art wank from UMBILICAL TENTACLE members Yuka Discobeans and Nik Kennedy. Incorporating atmospheric soundscapes and unsettling vocal delivery with butoh-inspired contemporary dance and avant-garde tea ceremony performance.
WANKOSLOP create surreal rituals of tension and beauty amongst waves of textural distortion and dark synth tones.

The extremely talentad Tattoo artist Shiseio Kimura ( Japanese good shit ) will also be tattooing during the night, Shisei has been tattooing for 10 years, first in Japan before moving to Melbourne 4 yrs ago, Specialising in Japanese Style tattooing and contemporary interpretations. A few fortunate will be lucky enough to experience his masterfully artistic skills on the night ( pre arranged, if you are interested, please contact Shisei on intagram ). ( )

This is an opportunity to experience and immerse yourself in this seductive, profound and sensual evening of Japanese arts and customs that originate back to the Samurai.

Most have performed on stages throughout Australia, Japan, Europe and the USA. 

IMPORTANT … we have changed the location for the first time BOUND will be held at at Second Story Studios in Collingwood no longer on Chapel St. 

Drum roll please…. The Japanese rope art performers are:

Avalon & Jenna ( Japanese Rope art )

Harumitsu & Cherrybossoms ( Japanese Rope art )

Hajime Kinoko & Chelsey ( Japanese Rope art )

Some of Kinoko’s Bios for those of you that may be interested:

The beautiful experience of Burning Man that I shared with Kinoko:
Kinoko’s Profile:
Kinoko’s Instagram
on Vice 1 & 2

A Raffle will be held on the night, prizes will be announced at arrival and the winners will be announced during the night. So… make sure you have a few gold coins spare for the mystery prizes!! Not to be missed!!!n evening of Shibari performances and more ….

6:30pm – June 6th 2018
Second Story Studios
222 Johnston St. Collingwood