ESP MAYHEM @ Filthfest 24/02/2018


FILTHFEST 2018 enjoins you in a magnificent bath of sonic filth, the 3rd year running and curated from the bog to showcase the rancid cream of Australian extreme music.

Band selected by reason of their capacity for cracking the sky:

Lizzard Wizzard • Bolt Gun (WA) • Tired Minds • BØG • Siberian Hell Sounds(Qld) • Trespasser (TAS) • Diploid • Tired Minds (NSW) • Dead Architect(NSW) • BLIGHT WORMS • Neck Grip • Creep Diets • REAPER – Melbourne• Removalist • HEXTAPE (Bridget Mary Chappell) • Nunchukka Superfly •Too Birds • The High Drifters • Motherslug • Defenestration • ESP MayhemIntrinsic Light • Fornicatador • Lethal Sound Division

FILTHFEST is on at The Tote Hotel on Saturday Feb 24, 2018 from 2pm. 

Tickets: Pre-Sale $25+BF or Door $30

We’re on really early – 4:45pm on the main stage, don’t be late!

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